October 28th 2021

Nando’s PERi-PERi customers recently were served some of the strangest and least appetizing dishes they could imagine. All for a good cause. After customers were told that the kitchen would choose for them, their orders were brought out:

One hungry customer received two chocolate brownies served on a bed of rice Another customer received a chicken burger without the chicken A famished couple got carrot cake and cheesecake drizzled with spicy PERi-PERi mayonnaise

The customers’ reactions were caught on five hidden cameras. After much confusion, and some laughs, the Nando’s servers brought out a clue—custom napkins stating “Don’t Let Someone Else Decide for You. Vote November 3.”

“We wanted to illustrate to customers what it feels like to let someone else choose for them. So we created a menu of unDemocratic Meals,” said John Fisher, CEO of Nando’s PERi-PERi USA. “Get out there and vote and let your voice be heard. Participate in our great democracy. This election is way too important to let someone else decide for you.”

To view the Nando’s unDemocratic Meal Hidden Videos, click HERE.

Nando’s (1,200 restaurants around the world, 40+ in the US) installed the hidden cameras last week at a Nando’s PERi-PERi on 18th Street in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC. Customers were told there was a mystery “unDemocratic Meal.” When they asked what they were getting or if they could pick, they were politely told no.

They weren’t let in on the stunt until Nando’s employees, called Nandocas, delivered red and blue napkins stating: “Don’t Let Someone Else Decide for You. Vote November 3.” Nando’s will release the hidden-camera videos on their social media channels starting Tuesday, October 27.

Nando’s Puts Voting on the Menu Nando’s has been supporting voter participation throughout the election cycle. After noting that US voter registration rates had plummeted 38% during the COVID-19 crisis, Nando’s began encouraging young voters to get off the sidelines of democracy. The flame-grilled chicken chain—with restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Chicago—put voter registration on its menu. Literally.

Customers began ordering voter-registration forms directly from the menu at every Nando’s in the US. In September and October, Nando’s handed out more than 200,000 voter registration applications and voter-resource flyers, in stores and in takeout bags, to customers—showing prospective voters how to quickly update their voter-registration status online.

Now Serving Democracy For staff, Nando’s is providing thousands of Nandocas with paid time off to vote; dedicating time and resources to educate Nandocas how to register, vote early, and safely vote at home or in-person; and will provide free transportation to the polls on Election Day for all Nandocas who need it.

“At Nando’s, we care deeply about voting because we originated in South Africa. We were there in 1994 when millions of South Africans had their voices heard for the first time. Voting is a right and should never be taken for granted,” said Sepanta Bagherpour, Nando’s Chief Brand Officer.

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