Who is your Media Contact? Media Contact

For all media inquiries, please contact Jim Popkin at Seven Oaks Media Group.


(This is for press inquiries only. For franchise requests and other questions, please see the relevant FAQ.)

How can I get a job at Nando’s?

We’re always looking for fun loving people (who share our passion for Nando’s), to join our team:

  • For cashier, griller and host positions please contact your nearest Nando's restaurant.
  • If the restaurant is still under construction, keep your eyes peeled on the windows for employment posters.
  • Otherwise, see our Work page for more current openings. 

How can I become a Nando’s franchisee?

Unfortunately we're not franchising in the U.S.; all of our restaurants are corporate-owned.

We'll update our website if anything changes. 

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes! You can buy a gift card in any Nando's restaurant. It’ll be the most PERi-fect present you’ll ever give!

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