01 Nov

Pick a side at Nando's - for free!

Even if you don't love either option on the table, it's time to pick a side. Then come to Nando's and do the same: We have more than two, they're all tremendous, and all day on Election Day, they're FREE.

Show up at Nando's with a sticker on Tuesday, November 8, and we'll let you pick any delicious regular side from our menu for free (with purchase of entr). Since federal law prohibits rewarding people for their votes, we can't tell you to show off your brand new 'I voted' stickers at the door. Any lame sticker will do. (Thanks 18 U.S. Code 597!)

Choose from our seasoned PERi chips (perfect for those with tiny hands), mild and moderate coleslaw, or any other liberally portioned side dish. Political tastes aside, we have something for everyone.


Thank You!

We'll be in touch.