25 Sep

Digging for #NandosGold!

You asked for it. To celebrate our Lakeview opening, we're bringing back #NandosGold. This time, one lucky fan will win free Nando's for a year! On Saturday, June 27, we'll be hiding a golden cockerel somewhere in the city (hint: it'll be within 2 miles of our newest nest on 670 W. Diversey Pkwy). For all of the details and clues, you'll have to make sure you're following us on Twitter! A couple of pesky rules to get out of the way before we begin: -You must be 18 years old-You must live within 75 miles of the Chicago city center-You can find the rest of our terms and conditions here: peri.io/rules Get some rest tonight, and follow us for details and clues starting tomorrow morning! Stay Hungry. #NandosGold P.S.: If you want a 15-minute head start, be sure to join our Chicago e-mail list. We'll be giving everyone on there an extra leg up on the competition!

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