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Have you ever made a questionable decision during happy hour? Well, you can’t go wrong at ours. 
Local craft beer growlers and pitchers of our refreshing sangria make 4-6 p.m. the highlight of your day, Monday through Thursday. The PERi-PERi wings are just a bonus.

Growler ... $12
Ask a cashier for the draft currently on tap. Serves 3-4.
Red Wine Sangria Pitcher ... $8.50
Our original fresh and fruity Mediterranean specialty. Serves 4.
Seasonal Sangria Pitcher ... $8.50
Ask a cashier what flavor we’ve made fresh for today. Serves 4. 
PERi-PERi Wings 
Our star treats. Marinated for 24 hours and flame-grilled to order.
12 Wings ... $9.95
24 Wings ... $19.95

*Beers and growlers are for on-site, dine-in consumption only and available at all restaurants except Pentagon Row, 7th Street, 18th Street, and Annapolis. Happy hour not available at our Naperville restaurant. Lagunitas available at select Illinois restaurants. DC Brau in the DMV.